Prima Graha Drainage Channels

The interlocking prefab panels are sturdy and practical, installed quickly and easily with steel pins. After digging out the channel the actual construction can begin immediately.

Prima Wall System Advantages
Prima Wall System Advantages
Save on costs. No plywood shuttering, frame work, steel work or timber is needed. Immediately create a smooth, flat concrete surface where no plastic rubbish can snag. No need heavy equipment either as two men can carry one panel. This makes transportation easily possible to building sites where there are no roads.
Thoroughly Tested By The Department Of Public Works
Thoroughly Tested By The Department Of Public Works
Our panels have been put through demanding tests. A panel 3.5 cm thick and measuring one metre square can effectively withstand the pressure created by a 24 ton truck being driven across and along the panels. A convincing test showing that with DAMDEX added to the mix the concrete is up to 35% stronger than ordinary concrete.

The prolonged success of our 3.5cm panels tested repeatedly for over 22 years.


Hundreds of thousands of panels later, with no problems over 22 years, often used in the outer islands where road networks can be few and far between.



Some of our clients who are using PRIMA WALL SYSTEM for their channeling projects:

PLN (The Indonesian State Electricity Company)

The company’s engineering experts used 250 meters of 1x1.5x0.035 m. PWS panels on their project at PLTU Telaud, Sulawesi.

Jasamarga & Waskita Karya:

For the roadside drainage channels of the BATANG TOLL ROAD project in Semarang.


In JONGGOL the main channel project is over three metres deep.

City of Tangerang

PWS road side drainage for 17 Kilometers alongside small roads lacking access to heavy goods vehicles.

Let PRIMA GRAHA BANGUN TUNGGAL build drainage channels BETTER FASTER UP TO 35% STRONGER and much more ECONOMICALLY Now Build Better Faster, Stronger, More Economically
Now Build Better, Faster, Stronger