Prima Graha Clear Water Ionisers

To keep water fresh and healthy for NASA space crews ionised water is used. It’s the same technology PGBT uses so you’re assured of clear, sparkling healthy pool water.

So Easy To Operate
So Easy To Operate
Ionisers do not require daily chlorine and soda ash infusions to be sure chlorine is not too strong or too weak. Simply adjust the copper ion dosage against the indicator on the machine and that’s it! Simplicity itself.
Save Up To 80% Water Treatment Costs
Save Up To 80% Water Treatment Costs
Using an ioniser will greatly reduce the costs of purifying your pool water giving you healthier water continuously.

Pool water that’s better, cleaner, healthier

It’s well known chlorine is a strong bleaching agent which damages swim wear, hair, skin and pool equipment but it’s also helping erode Earth’s ozone layer. Your Ionisers will help make our planet more eco friendly.




Converting to an ioniser in your pool is one small way you can help make the planet safer for your friends and family, for which future generations will thank you.


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Let PGBT help you build a better, stronger pool (by up to 35%) faster with pool water that’s ALWAYS BETTER CLEANER HEALTHIER
Pool Water That’s Better, Cleaner, Healthier