Prima Graha Prefab Houses

Construction is simple like Lego for adults. The PRIMA WALL SYSTEM (PWS) uses easy-to-install steel pins that interlock reinforced panels simply and quickly.

Interlocking Steel Pins Stay Rust-Free
Interlocking Steel Pins Stay Rust-Free
The interlocking pins are encased in a mix of concrete and are waterproofed thanks to DAMDEX in the mix.
Prima Wall System (PWS)
Prima Wall System (PWS)
In the initial stages the foundation walls are infused with reinforced concrete then the Prima interlocking panels are erected then the roof structure and finally the finishing touches are added.

See Our 6x6 Sqm. PWS House

The example displayed in our Cinere showroom was built by seven men in 20 days including all finishing. Proof indeed that a PWS house is sturdy, strong, neat, economical and affordable.


Price as of Q1 2021: Rp.2.750.000/sqm.

(Price subject to change over time.)


Foundations and walls: the foundations are attached to the PWS interlocking, waterproofed, earthquake resistant panels.

Ceramic Floor.

Aluminium window frames and doors.

Gypsum ceiling.

All paint of Matex brand equivalent.

Steel frame roof with concrete tiles.

Sanitation: squat toilet and wash basin. Kitchen sink. 

Electrical wiring and water piping: installation available.

Let PRIMA GRAHA BANGUN TUNGAL build housing like this one, or more elaborate ones, BETTER FASTER and up to 35% STRONGER and much more economically
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